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Pregnancy Care from 0 - 20 Weeks

Pregnancy is a transformational time, and can be an exciting adventure! Visit us for pregnancy care, including pre-conception counseling. We provide prenatal care from the positive pregnancy test until 20 weeks for low risk pregnancies. We will then transfer your care to an obstetrician, a group of family physicians who specialize in delivering babies, or a midwife.

We do not provide prenatal services for:

  • Women expecting multiples

  • Women with certain medical conditions (ask us)

  • Women who are at high risk for complications

Should complications arise during a pregnancy, rest assured that we will refer or consult with our obstetrical colleagues appropriately, depending on the situation.



Comprehensive Care During the First 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

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Typically, prenatal visits are every 4 weeks until week 28

During this 30-minute visit we will discuss how your pregnancy has been so far and address any concerns. At this first appointment we will review your health history, learn about your goals and hopes for your pregnancy, and start getting to know you. We will organize your first-trimester testing, including:

  • Blood tests to determine your blood type, your level of hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying red blood cells), platelets, and evaluate your thyroid function.

  • Urine test to look for bacterial colonization in the bladder, and sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia and gonorrhea)

  • Blood tests to look for either the presence of or immunity to certain infectious diseases such as rubella, hepatitis B, syphilis, or HIV (HIV testing is strongly encouraged but is certainly your choice).

  • Enhanced first trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities, if you choose to have it: eFTS, NIPS.

  • A first trimester ultrasound.


At your second visit we will see you in office to measure your vital signs, do a pregnancy-specific physical exam, and a pap test, if you are due for one. We will continue to provide counseling and advice for a healthy pregnancy and baby.



At frequent follow-up visits we will monitor your health and symptoms, review the results of investigations, organize the full anatomy ultrasound of your baby (to be done at 18-20 weeks), and ensure a smooth transition of your care to your obstetrical provider, who will take over your prenatal care from 20 weeks through delivery.


Visit us for attentive, high quality pre-conception and prenatal care.

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