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About the Clinic Model

Compared to traditional medical offices, at Liberty Women's Health, technology, such as an online scheduler and secure electronic messaging, improves efficiency, access and communication. Our practice model requires that patients feel comfortable with actively providing their input and getting involved in their own care by completing pre-visit questionnaires and by engaging in self-service using the technological tools made available.


  • Time is valuable. We prioritize running on time. If patients are late, they may have to re-book and/or a charge will apply. Patients are advised to allow a 30 minute buffer due to the unpredictable nature of medicine.

  • No-Shows are greatly reduced thanks to automated phone, email or text message reminders is sent to patients 3 business days prior to their appointment, and offer both a cancellation and confirmation option. In our experience, people who do not show up for their appointments tend to be those who do not confirm their appointment with our automated service. Patients are waiting months to see our physicians: if you do not confirm your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your visit, it will be cancelled to enable another person to have an appointment.

  • 24 business hours notice of appointment changes or cancellations is required to avoid Late Cancellation or Missed Appointment fees ($100.00 for new consultations, $50 for follow-up appointments).



  • For certain communication, patients may receive secure email notification directly from the physician via Medeo (ie. follow-up on non-urgent abnormal results). Patients must commit to checking their email to receive and review these messages.


  • In order for the clinic to run on-time and for the physician to remain accessible, no walk-ins or "add-on" visitors are permitted.

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